Adults  (16 Years old and up)

Our adult program is a great way to learn self defense, get in shape and learn a great karate style.  We teach ground fighting, boxing, kickboxing and traditional karate.

Teens  (10-15 years old)

Our Teen program is an intense karate training program that builds confidence and character.  We teach practical self defense, life lessons and the skills your child needs to survive in today's society.

Greg Contorno

(See him today below!)

Power Rangers  (4 and 5 years old)

The kids have a lot of fun learning basic karate skills and the parents value that our main focus with the children is character development and life skills training! Pace Karate in Flanders has been running a program for pre-schoolers for over 20 years. Our Power Rangers” program is a great launching pad to start your child in the martial arts.

Justin Mickus

Juniors  ( 6-9 years old)

Our Junior program is designed to give expert instruction in karate (from beginner to advanced), while providing life skills, fittness and character developement.  We teach your child lessons that will last a lifetime!


Pace Institute of Karate

​Flanders, New Jersey